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I’m so behind on my mommyblogging… but things are lovely, Moomin is cute and obsessed with comic books and Godzilla and stories even more so than last I checked, and I’m about to take off tomorrow for BlogHer.

I wanted to leave a quick note in case anyone didn’t notice already to say,

I use a wheelchair, please try to control your surprise or dismay or pity or curiosity! It is very boring to talk about it endlessly at a conference where I’d rather talk about blogging and tech and feminism! Sooooo if you are madly curious, look on my other blogs and find out what is up, I’m fine, I’m okay, I have been disabled before for long periods of time. I am happy to play poster child and pop a wheelie for your camera or even let you play in my chair a little bit if I am settled somewhere comfortable.

I just want to avoid the barrage of questions and intrusion and hijacking of my brain! I am used to the chair… I use a cane sometimes too… I do not want to know about your acupuncturist, your chiropractor, your back surgery really… REALLY… nor how “brave” i am… and usually I do not want a push, or a door opened, or anything…. I will ask if I need things.




Unless you are in bed with me you just dont need to know my medical history!

And you can find it all out on teh Internetz if you stalk me properly, anyway!

That is all!

Disability poster child blogger mom signing out!

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7 Responses to Wheely at BlogHer

  1. Karen Rani says:

    I can't wait to see you and good for you for making your wishes known.

  2. Daisy says:

    Good for you for stating your wheelchair needs right out front! I am hearing impaired. I deal with that every day. I can't do wheelies on my hearing aids, though, darn it.

  3. Vanda says:

    Well have fun at blogher.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can't wait to hear about all your fun from the trip!tooth whitening

  5. holli says:

    HA! We (me and my daughter, Faith – she was pretty much the only person under three feet wearing tutus) met you.. and the only physical conversation we had was an argument that your hair was purple, not blue! (Faith saw you from a distance).She really loved it.. my mom just recently dyed her hair pink prior to shaving herself bald.K.. that sounds normal.I hope you made it back safe and sound. This is my first and only post online before bed. I just happened to see your avatar and couldn't resist.HUGS!

  6. Karianna says:

    I commented on your chair only because those lights are SO COOL. I like sparkly-things.It was great seeing you.

  7. Liz says:

    It's not like mentioning the chair and especially complimenting its sparkly lights is inherently bad! It's people's wild over inquisitiveness or that when I change the subject they won't respect it. Or, I am finding, in very public crowd settings, that sadly no one talks to me about anything else.