My pretty pony!

OMG, Rook got his hair cut! It was really long and sort of ripply and was almost all the way down his back. He fussed with it and washed it and combed it every day. Now, me, when my hair has been long I just left it scruffy for weeks in ratty ponytails.

Anyway, this morning he announced he had an appointment to chop it off! And he ran to the hairdresser clutching some old copies of KoreAm magazine… I think he wants to look like Rain or something! The shocking part isn’t the back of his neck or the fact that the pretty pony look is gone. It’s that he deliberately set out to get it cut in a scruffy way instead of being sleek! After 10 years of him occasionally commenting to me that he finds neat smoothed down sleek hair to be nicest… and my giant purpley explosion… now he is scruffy on purpose.


A daring leap for Rook!

Oh and also he had already thought to save the hair neatly in order to donate it… which I think is very sweet.

One last thought. I feel less sweaty just being able to see the back of his neck again.

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