Where babies come from

Y’all are going to love this short, sweet >German sex-ed picture book. What I don’t understand is how two stripey people make a non-stripey baby.

Click through the pictures to read the whole book. It’s very funny!

Also… as my friend MJ points out… why is that baby making jazz hands?

*** Updated to fix the link! ***

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5 Responses to Where babies come from

  1. Anonymous says:

    The link didn't link – or is that just my firefox browser? Cheershttp://whitterer-autism.blogspot.com

  2. blaize says:

    The link is broken but it looks like it'd be a fun read.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Funny book. The interesting thing is that I only found it on the web (twice already), but never have seen it in real life. I'm German, BTW. (And of course you can see that they are not stripey without there clothes on. Maybe the baby will receive his official striped sweater on his 18th birthday, who knows…)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ouch, "their" clothes, not "there". Sorry

  5. badgermama says:

    I had a funny moment where I was thinking how they looked like a perky Zeus and a ponytailed valkyrie. And then after about the 6th time I read it (I know… I was obsessed) it suddenly hit me that the guy was dark skinned – black or middle eastern – and that in Germany as in the U.S. there is some positive anti-racist subtext to this little book!If only they had had the valkyrie on top, you know? Then it would be just another inch towards perfection.About the stripes, perhaps as Susanne says you get them at 18… hahahaha!