In which I explain about buckets

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While I’ve been stuck in bed, Moomin has discovered the main joys of the Internet, and is now well versed in I can has cheezburger? language. We’ve explained all the stuff about walruses and buckets and “do not want” and why a cat would not know how to talk or spell right.

Meanwhile I’m on pain meds and just kind of waiting.

Moomin also loves Cute Overload!

Today I’ll lie here in bed, grading papers while totally on drugs, and sometimes reading about war moose, while Moomin and Rook go to the library and then to Free Comic Book Day. You see why I haven’t been blogging here much. Lying in bed, hmm yeah. Anyway, it’s free comic book day, so go to the comic book store! P.S. “be patient with a soft warm tender moose.”

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