Meme of 5 things

Tagged by Mary Tsao with this meme and for Mary I’ll do it.

5 things in my closet: empty backpacks, bag of fun ridiculous lingerie, earthquake water reserve, many amazing ball gowns, 9 pairs of pants that don’t fit

5 things in my fridge: quart jar of sun-dried tomatoes, fig paste, mozzerella cheese, pasta salad, 7 half-empty bottles of water

5 things in my car: half-empty bottle of water, painter’s cap painted by kid at camp, purple sparkly dice mardi gras beads, purple flame steering wheel cover, paper floormats from car dealership.

5 things in my purse backpack: used kleenex, duct tape wallet, moleskine notebook, stripey armwarmers, asthma inhaler, ziploc back of cookies.

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7 Responses to Meme of 5 things

  1. Mary Tsao says:

    You're a sweetie.Happy hot weekend!

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