Duck soup and the Socratic method

We watched the Marx Brothers movie “Duck Soup” the other night. Today I watched Rook and Moomin act out the mirror scene from the movie – Rook pretending he was thinking that Moomin was his reflection in the mirror. Then he tried to weasel it out of Moomin as to what the birthday surprise was…

“So, you can’t tell me what we’re going to be doing…”

This went on for a while. Then they began racing to see who could get dressed first. “I won, Dad!”

“What IS winning, really…”
“You’re just trying to use the Socratic method on me!”
“What IS the Socratic method?”
“It’s when you ask questions…”
“What IS a question…”
“Stop trying to trick me!”

I think the obsession with the Socratic method comes from their reading of “Cartoon History of the Universe”. It was pretty hilarious!

We’re off to the birthday surprise. Rook didn’t figure out that we’re going to see a theater production of Duck Soup! I hope he likes it and that watching the movie beforehand makes it cooler (especially for Moomin).

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