Overheard at the sleepover

This morning from Moomin and Hamster in unison, a song, overheard circa 7am:

Row, row, row your poop
Gently down the poop!
Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily,
Poop, poop poop, poop poop.


And the other day…

Moomin: Mom, let’s go to that, what is it called? It’s something… it’s this place, that’s like a big big building, with other little buildings in it?

Me: Whaaaa?

Moomin: It’s… Daddy and I went there once… It’s a big building. And it’s SO COOL. It has all these stores in it. It’s like a big store, with a whole bunch of of other little stores in it. That’s so funny! And you could look in all the little stores, and buy stuff! And there was a whole big store with a lot of restonauts in it and you could get stuff from all the different restonauts!

Me:….. The mall? You want to go to the mall food court?

Moomin: Yeah!!!!!!!! The mall! That’s it! Someday, we could go to the mall.

Ah, noble ambition. Yes, my child. Someday I will take you to the mall.

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